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The Swoop Story

Posted by Swoop on 03-17-2017
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Problem: You and your friends are fed up with Uber and Lyft. Aside from the mystery mints and questionable business ethics, begging your former JV wrestling coach turned Uber driver to squeeze in a couple extra people sucks, but ordering 3 Priuses for 7 people is downright tragic.

Secret: There is no need to squeeze or split up the group.

All aboard Swoop.

If you haven’t heard by now, Swoop is a group transportation app that gives members access to Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, on-demand. Also…every Swoop driver is professionally screened, trained, and required to provide their top five favorite bands of all time. Think of your driver as more of a Swoop Captain.

With every big idea, there is a story behind it. Our story is simple and sweet.

Swoop was born in a friend group similar to yours. Every weekend, a bunch of us knuckleheads would get together and find any reason to celebrate. We would crowd up someone’s overpriced apartment and chat about the past week and discuss plans for the night. It took at least two of our ten friends to step up to the plate and order multiple Ubers or Lyfts in order for all of us to get wherever we wanted to go. This dilemma created a frustrating bridge in the flow of fun.

Sound familiar?

One night while crossing that bridge, one of us asked, “What if there was an app we could use to keep the group together and the party going?” We were excited about this idea for a few hours and then it disappeared into the night like so many other pipe dreams.


About a year ago our group was celebrating a friend’s wedding. Libations were enjoyed and tuxedo pants were torn — it was a stone cold groove. Upon leaving the wedding, talks of the afterparty arose. Almost on cue, a random uncle majestically strode through in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van — by himself. He opened the door and about 10 people piled in with room to spare. Right then and there we recalled our dream of keeping the group together and we knew Sprinter Vans were the way to go. We yapped away all night and hit the ground running the following week.

That night, the idea of Swoop was consummated.

Fact: We are still trying to figure out who that “uncle” is actually related to.


Fast-forward a couple of months.

The Swoop team is trapped (consensually) inside the backroom of a garage, formulating the platform to launch our beta app on. We eventually created the most primitive app this side of the Mississippi, brought the idea to a limousine affiliate, slapped Swoop stickers on their Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, and launched this crazy idea. Well, sorta.

Fact: The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been the inspiration behind Swoop’s entire existence. Swoops come equipped with spacious seating, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TVs, and a partition (literally a wall between you and the captain).

Fact: Swoop is cheaper than an Uber SUV

In the beginning, everyone on the Swoop team took turns driving each weekend. Fulfilling on-demand and advanced requests was a wild goose chase. From app malfunctions to user confusion, there were more than a few bumps in the road. However, once users got in their first Swoop, it was easy for them to see the inherent value.

Getting people inside the vans became our main agenda. Fortunately for us, people were coming back and using the app. Despite its UX and questionable Google API recognition, the app brought you a car. Humans are social organisms. Animals, who for the most part, like to be together, and sometimes even talk to each other. People told people about Swoop. With users’ interest on the rise, the team lasered in on the Swoop experience, growth opportunities, and chaos control.

Looking forward, we put user experience on a pedestal and began tracking possibilities to elevate “good time emotions” even more. The amount of trips completed throughout the week were mostly all on Friday and Saturday night. The dance-all-night groups went with Swoop like bread and butter but we knew there were many more fixin’s we needed to put on our plate in order to make our product successful.

Let’s pump the brakes for a second.

As a team we knew we needed to capture more of the market. We felt the possibilities of Swoop weren’t fully being accessed by our current user base. We set out to enlighten users on daytime ride scenarios and highlight our benefits over an

Swoop + Malibu Wines

Posted by Swoop on 03-01-2017
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Category: Announcement

If you’ve been trapped indoors lately you probably haven’t realized that spring is just a few more sunsets away in the city of Los Angeles. With the help of some blooming weather, Swoop is beyond excited to announce our partnership with Malibu Wines launching this spring.

We’ve created tailored packages that will elevate your Malibu Wines experience to a new level. Now you can enjoy your daycation seamlessly from the moment you depart until you return.


The partnership has created tailored event packages that will provide you and your friends the ultimate experience.

How your day will play out:

Pick your pickup: Swoop has provided designated roundtrip starting points in Hollywood, Downtown, South Bay, or Westside, choose whichever location you prefer. Start the city or ocean-side journey into Malibu Hills.

Arrival at Malibu Wines: You will receive priority entry, enjoy VIP picnic space with tables, chairs, linens, and umbrellas. As you soak in the moment, and take in the rays, a wine tasting flight of 5 varietals will be provided, complete with a sommelier to guide you through your selection.

Departure from Malibu Wines: After the days festivities, Swoop will breeze by traffic while you enjoy Swoop to your designated drop off location.

Develop the palette you wish you always had this season and enjoy Malibu Wines like never before.

Book your seat today at Swoop.

Swoop adds to the Family.

Posted by Swoop on 01-11-2017
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Last August, a few friends decided the group transportation world needed a major facelift. Swoop was born.

Our vision was to be the go-to platform for group transportation by elevating user experience through curated entertainment and luxury amenities.

While we’re not quite there yet, we’re heading in the right direction. Swoop has seen amazing traction and growth from our customers thus far.

But through all of this, there was one missing piece…

Swoop is excited to announce a new addition to the family, Irving Barajas as Head of Technology.

  Irving comes from an impressive engineering background that includes developing CourseKey, a student engagement platform. While at CourseKey, Irving helped build a comprehensive application that is used today by tens of thousands of students across the country. Irving also served as a mentor to other developers at Hack Reactor.

This is a pivotal moment for Swoop as we continue to break ground in the world of group transportation through best-in-class customer experience and technological excellence.

  Cheers, Amir, Head of Swoop