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Transportation for groups that’s
easy, reliable and fun.

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Swoop Perks

Room for your whole group

Bring your friends, family, and co-workers. Enjoy the extra legroom.

Ideal for Events

Weddings, sporting events, concerts, birthday parties, work dinners—heck, we’ll even take you to Vegas.

Alcohol + Food Friendly

Bring your own nourishments—or don’t. We’ve got Penta alkaline water and Just Chill sparkling beverages too.

Personal Concierge

Every ride comes with text support from a personal concierge. A real human that’s ready to help.

Why Swoop?


The most fun, efficient way to travel for a big group—Swoop could very well be more fun than the bar/club itself!

JENNA @jennadobrin

My Swoop Concierge streamed King’s highlights for us on the way to Staples Center. Then dropped us off right in front. Best King’s game ever.

NICK @nicklaus

Our Swoop Captain was professional, courteous, and on time. Goodbye to sketchy Uber drivers.

JESS @jjmorrow

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